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<h3>SDF Volunteer Moderator and Administrator Guidelines</h3>
This document outlines the guidelines to be followed by SDF Volunteer Moderators and Administrators. By volunteering you are helping to continue the long development of SDF as a user driven community. Volunteers are granted certain benefits and privileges which place them above regular users and members. Because of this, volunteers must be mindful and respectful of their position when interacting with the SDF systems and its members.
<li>Candidate must be a current MetaARPA member
<li>Provide a current CV/Resume (.txt of .pdf)
<li>Be able to demonstrate a needed skill or present new idea
<li>Have good documenting skills (txt, info man, html)
<li>Willing to help SDF users in a courteous and respectful manner at all times
<li>Dedicated to the success and longevity of SDF
<h4>A Volunteer Candidate at SDF does not</h4>
<li>want access or privileges for personal gain, data collection or profit
<li>want access to install back doors or hack SDF internals
<li>use SDF for abuse, spamming or advertising purposes
<li>use SDF as 'cheap or free server' platform to host and/or develop their own services
<li>borrow or steal ideas from SDF to implement on their own systems
<li>solicit SDF users to use their own public or private services
<h4>Volunteer Benefits and Privileges</h4>
(<i>Benefits and Privileges vary with respect to each project</i>)
<li>Access to project group which may include special commands, files, daemons and servers
<li>Software and hardware remote control access
<li>Hardware site visitation for maintenance (<i>requires background check and ID to be kept on file for some datacenters</i>)
<li>Monetary compensation for costs, travel and expenses
<i>While SDF Volunteers do not have access to user's personal data (mail or home directory) they may have direct access to user data associated with the project they are working on.</i>
SDF Volunteers may resign at anytime for any reason by sending an e-mail to 'volunteers' from the shell. While there is no obligation to do an exit review/report or hand off to other volunteers working on the same project, it would appreciated.
To apply, simply make a proposal for a project or idea you have that you believe would benefit the SDF community. Your proposal should be at least a paragraph long, but may be longer if needed and include a basic outline. A CV or resume can be attached as a .txt or pdf file to provide documentation of your skill set and level. Proposals may be sent via e-mail to 'volunteers' from the shell.
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