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===== SDF IRC server policy: =====
==== Purpose ====
The purpose of the SDF IRC server is to provide a live 'helpdesk style' support to the SDF membership and to visiting non-members. It may also be used as a friendly and respectful environment for recreational communication among the SDF membership and visiting non-members.
==== Acceptable Use ====
The SDF IRC server is to be used in accordance with state and local laws. It may not be used for abusive or illegal behavior including, but not limited to, the distribution of pornography, distribution of pirated data, channel flooding or other harassment, for arranging the sale or distribution of illegal or controlled substances.
==== Policy ====
Administration of the SDF IRC server is performed by SDF Members and policy may change to reflect the situation. Members and visiting non-members engaging in behavior that violates acceptable use may be banned for up to 1 day without warning. Continual abuse of the SDF IRC server may result in loss of a member's privilege and can lead to permanent blacklisting.
==== Privacy ====
The SDF IRC server is a public chat service. All connections, conversations and details of exchange should be considered logged and available to law enforcement upon subpoena, and to general public by any channel user.
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