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* [[#SECTION00310000000000000000|2.1 What to read first]]
====== [[| 2. Introduction]] ======
This is for people who are new to unix, especially people who are new to unix & new to [[http://sdf.lonestar.org/|Super Dimension Fortress]] (SDF), a public access unix system.
I sometimes hang out in the chat rooms on SDF, & almost every day someone enters who has recently created an account & asks how to get started using unix & the features of SDF. It's an awkward situation because there is a lot to know to get started with unix; it would be difficult to explain it all in a chat room. What's more, most of the regulars in those chat rooms have seen & answered the question enough times that they understandably do not look forward to doing so again.
So I'm answering that question here, once. If all goes well, when someone enters a chat room & asks how to start learning about unix, someone can point them to this article.
====== [[| 2.1 What to read first]] ======
If you already know what unix is, or if you don't but you also don't enjoy reading about petty controversies about a definition, skip the ``What is Unix'' chapter & start reading Chapter [[node5.html#basics|4]] ``Some Basic Commands''.
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