A Converter for McAfee SIEM Rule Export Files to Markdown Documents
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This python script is intended to be used to automatically generate use case / correlation rule documentation in Markdown format for the McAfee Enterprise Sceurity Manager (ESM). It accepts a XML file that has been exported from the correlation rule editor of the ESM, converts its contents to Markdown format and writes it into a new file. If you need any other format, you might want to use pandoc to convert to e.g. pdf, docx or HTML.


This tool requires the following:

  • Python 3
  • lxml (XML parser that understands CDATA)
  • networkx (needed for creating graphs)
  • pydot (needed for creating graphs)
  • pandoc (for converting to other formats than Markdown)

On Debian you can install the dependencies with "sudo apt-get install python3-lxml python3-networkxi python3-pydot"


Please configure esm2markdown.ini to your liking and execute esm2markdown.py like this:

# python esm2markdown.py <rule xml file> <markdown output file>


Convert xml to Markdown

# python esm2markdown demo.xml demo.mk

Convert to Markdown to DOCX

# pandoc -s demo.mk -o demo.docx

In the end, the result should look like this shortened output:



For a complete view of the result, please download the PDF file: demo.pdf