Ham Radio related RSS feeds in OPML format
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Ham Radio RSS Feeds

This repository contains an OPML file containing Ham Radio related RSS feeds.

At the moment there are two categories:

  • Fediverse Hams: Web sites of ham radio operators that are active in the Fediverse
  • Ham Radio: Everything else (news sites, personal blogs etc.)

You can download the latest version here: https://codeberg.org/mclemens/Ham-Radio-RSS-Feeds/raw/branch/main/hamradio.opml


The following feeds are included in this OPML file (list is outdated, there are now many more):

Fediverse Hams

Ham Radio


I am very sorry but I can't give credits to anyone although I probably should. I remember that I've copied a larger portion of the above from some other place but I can't remember where.

Please contribute

Please help me with this with additions and corrections by sending PRs, opening issues or contacting me directly: https://dk1mi.radio/about/