Skip an I-frame that does not have a numeric PTS

In some older video files, ffprobe returns N/A (and possibly other
non-numeric data) when it can't determine the PTS. These cause
problems and ruin a transcode.
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Leo Butler 2020-12-08 12:47:06 -06:00
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commit a16b9aaa99
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@ -370,6 +370,8 @@
;; for some reason, ffmpeg's i-frame # is 2 less than that mythtv reports
;; after frame 0
;; (i-frame offset time)
((not (number? (first (car l))))
(type-9/33-marks (cdr l) acc))
((null? acc)
(type-9/33-marks (cdr l) (list (list (fourth (car l)) (second (car l)) (inexact->exact (round (* (- (first (car l)) start_pts) 1000)))))))