Use duration (-t) not end time (-to) for inputs

In older versions of ffmpeg (incl. ffmpeg version 3.4.8-0ubuntu0.2 ),
using the end-time (-to) causes a syntax error, so we need to switch
to using the duration.
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Leo Butler 2020-12-08 12:42:46 -06:00
parent 6dca224ea2
commit 35d0099e40
1 changed files with 1 additions and 1 deletions

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@ -340,7 +340,7 @@
(out-file (simple-format #f "~a/~a.~a" working-directory rootname transcoded-file-ending))
(m-d (mythtv-recorded-table->metadata rec))
(cut-times (myth-convert-i-frame-indices-to-times (recording-retain-list rec) (recording-i-frame-info rec)))
(seek-fn (lambda(c) (simple-format #f " -ss ~a -to ~a -i '~a'" (car c) (cdr c) in-file)))
(seek-fn (lambda(c) (simple-format #f " -ss ~a -t ~a -i '~a'" (car c) (- (cdr c) (car c)) in-file)))
(concat-info (ffmpeg-outstreams-templates rec max-streams))
(instreams (string-join (map (car concat-info) cut-times) " "))
(outstreams (cdr concat-info))