With the new file endings, we need to split file names at #\. and pick
up the beginning (e.g. 1031_20210405000300) and add
ending (e.g. h264.ts) but drop any middle parts.
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Leo Butler 2021-04-18 06:55:59 -05:00
parent bbb8b1a094
commit 23d4e73ed6
1 changed files with 3 additions and 4 deletions

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@ -298,10 +298,9 @@
(define (recording-new-file-name file-name ending)
(let* ((old-ending (substring file-name (- (string-length file-name) 3)))
(n (- (string-length file-name) (if (string=? old-ending ".ts") 3 4))))
(simple-format #f "~a.~a" (substring file-name 0 n) ending)))
(let* ((base+exts (string-split file-name #\.))
(base (car base+exts)))
(simple-format #f "~a.~a" base ending)))
(define* (create-record-data-for-transcode rec)
(let* ((rtn-list '())
(tr-rec rec)