Updated 2024-07-07 10:39:31 -04:00
Updated 2024-07-07 10:39:38 -04:00
The Generic Window Manager - a classic, revitalized. Lightweight, written primarily in C, it takes a similar approach to EMACS - a custom Lisp kernel that exposes all low-level events to the end user.
Updated 2024-07-07 10:39:46 -04:00
Mid's Portable Utilities are a set of (hopefully) POSIX and SUS-compliant Unix userland tools that are portable across many Unices.
Updated 2024-07-07 10:39:39 -04:00
Mid's Extended Utilities is a collection of various tool programs written in the spirit of the portable and unportable utilities, but that have no specification governing them.
Updated 2024-07-07 10:39:40 -04:00
Minimal screen editor. A fork of the classic se (https://se-editor.org/) that strips out unnecessary features, replaces obsolete libraries with modern equivalents, and attempts to make editing a little more intuitive.
Updated 2024-07-07 10:39:42 -04:00
One True AWK (https://github.com/onetrueawk/awk) mirror.
Updated 2024-07-07 10:39:42 -04:00
Mirror of Suckless' sbase (git://git.suckless.org/sbase)
Updated 2024-07-07 10:39:42 -04:00
Mirror of Suckless' ubase (git://git.suckless.org/ubase)
Updated 2024-07-07 10:39:43 -04:00
Nebula is an IRC client originally written by Riccardo Mottola. This is my fork of it; goals are to eliminate any implementation-specific code, add TLS support, and generally add a layer of polish.
Updated 2024-07-07 10:39:56 -04:00
Updated 2024-07-07 10:39:57 -04:00
A mirror of editline, modified to use plain Make.
Updated 2024-07-07 10:39:57 -04:00
Mirror of TinyX. Will be rewriting build system and attempting to add XRandR at the very least.
Updated 2024-07-07 10:39:57 -04:00
Updated 2024-07-07 10:39:57 -04:00
Minimal multiprotocol TCP/IP client.
Updated 2024-07-07 10:40:03 -04:00