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package core
import (
// V2rayKey is the key type of Instance in Context, exported for test.
type v2rayKeyType int
const v2rayKey v2rayKeyType = 1
// FromContext returns an Instance from the given context, or nil if the context doesn't contain one.
func FromContext(ctx context.Context) *Instance {
if s, ok := ctx.Value(v2rayKey).(*Instance); ok {
return s
return nil
// MustFromContext returns an Instance from the given context, or panics if not present.
func MustFromContext(ctx context.Context) *Instance {
v := FromContext(ctx)
if v == nil {
panic("V is not in context.")
return v
toContext returns ctx from the given context, or creates an Instance if the context doesn't find that.
It is unsupported to use this function to create a context that is suitable to invoke V2Ray's internal component
in third party code, you shouldn't use //go:linkname to alias of this function into your own package and
use this function in your third party code.
For third party code, usage enabled by creating a context to interact with V2Ray's internal component is unsupported,
and may break at any time.
func toContext(ctx context.Context, v *Instance) context.Context {
if FromContext(ctx) != v {
ctx = context.WithValue(ctx, v2rayKey, v)
return ctx
ToBackgroundDetachedContext create a detached context from another context
Internal API
func ToBackgroundDetachedContext(ctx context.Context) context.Context {
return &temporaryValueDelegationFix{context.Background(), ctx}
type temporaryValueDelegationFix struct {
value context.Context
func (t *temporaryValueDelegationFix) Value(key interface{}) interface{} {
return t.value.Value(key)