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syntax = "proto3";
package v2ray.core;
option csharp_namespace = "V2Ray.Core";
option go_package = "github.com/v2fly/v2ray-core/v5;core";
option java_package = "com.v2ray.core";
option java_multiple_files = true;
import "google/protobuf/any.proto";
import "transport/config.proto";
// Config is the master config of V2Ray. V2Ray takes this config as input and
// functions accordingly.
message Config {
// Inbound handler configurations. Must have at least one item.
repeated InboundHandlerConfig inbound = 1;
// Outbound handler configurations. Must have at least one item. The first
// item is used as default for routing.
repeated OutboundHandlerConfig outbound = 2;
reserved 3;
// App is for configurations of all features in V2Ray. A feature must
// implement the Feature interface, and its config type must be registered
// through common.RegisterConfig.
repeated google.protobuf.Any app = 4;
// Transport settings.
// Deprecated. Each inbound and outbound should choose their own transport
// config. Date to remove: 2020-01-13
v2ray.core.transport.Config transport = 5 [deprecated = true];
// Configuration for extensions. The config may not work if corresponding
// extension is not loaded into V2Ray. V2Ray will ignore such config during
// initialization.
repeated google.protobuf.Any extension = 6;
// InboundHandlerConfig is the configuration for inbound handler.
message InboundHandlerConfig {
// Tag of the inbound handler. The tag must be unique among all inbound
// handlers
string tag = 1;
// Settings for how this inbound proxy is handled.
google.protobuf.Any receiver_settings = 2;
// Settings for inbound proxy. Must be one of the inbound proxies.
google.protobuf.Any proxy_settings = 3;
// OutboundHandlerConfig is the configuration for outbound handler.
message OutboundHandlerConfig {
// Tag of this outbound handler.
string tag = 1;
// Settings for how to dial connection for this outbound handler.
google.protobuf.Any sender_settings = 2;
// Settings for this outbound proxy. Must be one of the outbound proxies.
google.protobuf.Any proxy_settings = 3;
// If not zero, this outbound will be expired in seconds. Not used for now.
int64 expire = 4;
// Comment of this outbound handler. Not used for now.
string comment = 5;