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ChangeLog for pkg-get
0.4.8 - Fix doscript() to accommodate rootfs other than "/",
and ports with dashes in their names
- Consolidate code
- Do more tasks in parallel when generating the metadata
- Update the html index too, when individual packages are passed to
- Use native Perl routines to reduce the number of external processes
- Replace wget by curl, to avoid depending on packages outside 'core'
- Update man-pages and README
0.4.7 - Fix man-page location
0.4.6 - Fixed warnings on output of diff command
- Use compression-mode defined in pkgmk.conf
- Improved prt-get commands and added --prtdir switch
0.4.5 - Added --all switch for diff command (also lists locked packages)
0.4.4 - Fixed: pkg-repgen produces well-formed entries for packages not
available in the port tree
- Added root option for install / update command
(thanks to Gunter Coell)
0.4.3 - Fixed: operation summary when using -do option
- pkg-repgen now also generates a html index file for the
0.4.2 - Create lock file if it does not exist
- Fixed: locked packages were not ignored in diff commands
0.4.1 - Fixed parsing bug for uncommon 'version' strings
0.4.0 - Completely re-written in perl
- Added failover mechanism for unsuccessful syncronizations
- Better standardization of task summary and option handling
- Removed proxy options (now handled by wget)
- Improved general command / options / look and feel compatibility
with prt-get
- "use_scrips" config option is now called "runscripts"
- Added -im, --config=, --aargs= options
- The "current" command now prints the currently installed version
instead of the available version (uniformity with prt-get)
0.3.4 - Fixed: removed check for REPO files before 'sync', 'version' and
'help commands'.
0.3.3 - Added pre-post install success report, i.e.: [pre: ok]
- Fixed minor commandline parser bug (options were ignored for
'sysup' command)
- Changed PKGREPO format (package name is now the 1st entry)
- pkg-repgen is now written in perl
0.3.2 - Added 'current' and 'path' commands
- Added bash completion script
- fixes in quickdiff command
0.3.1 - Fixes small bug in 'depends' command (duplicate entries)
0.3.0 - Added support for multiple repositories
- Added 'dup' command
- minor bugfixes
0.2.0 - Added support for README files
- Added support for pre-post install scripts
- Added 'printf' command
0.1.9 - Changed wget-like progress (from busybox, 1/5 of the size!)
0.1.8 - Added 'quickdiff', 'remove' commands.
0.1.7 - Added 'dependent' command
0.1.6 - Added locking support: 'lock', 'unlock', 'listlocked'
0.1.5 - Minor fixes
0.1.4 - Added wget-like progress for downloads
0.1.3 - Added list, listinst; minor fixes.