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LBreakoutHD expects to have write permission on the flat-text database of high scores:
-rw-rw-rw- 1 root root 1 Jan 1 00:00 /var/tmp/lbreakouthd.hscr
For security reasons, this world-writable file will not appear in the built
package. On a single-user system, the first instance of running the game (as a
nonprivileged user) will create the missing file with safe permissions, and no
further intervention is required.
On a multi-user system, only the first player to launch the game will have
permission to modify the high score list. To allow a shared modifiable list of
high scores, you must first recreate the expected file as follows, and add
each user to the "games" group.
cd /var/tmp
touch lbreakouthd.hscr
chmod 664 lbreakouthd.hscr
chown root:games lbreakouthd.hscr