3.7 Introduction: revise bullet points on the target audience for CRUX

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@ -29,11 +29,10 @@ include creating packages optimized for your processor, eg. by compiling with
-march=x86-64, and avoiding cluttering the filesystem with files you'll never
use, eg. /usr/doc/*, etc. If you need more information about a specific program,
other than information found in the man-page, Google usually knows all about it.
Although CRUX strives to use new features as they become available, you will
never have to deal with a frenzy of innovation that leaves you with an
unrecognizable system. A CRUX user from the early years could abandon the
distribution for two decades, then install the latest release and feel right at
Although the CRUX development team strives to introduce new features as soon as
they reach stable status, such innovations are carefully screened to ensure
that they work in CRUX without drastic changes to the upstream sources or to
the rest of the CRUX system.
In short, CRUX might suit you very well if you are:
@ -42,6 +41,10 @@ distribution as the foundation of your installation.
* Someone who does not hesitate to download and compile programs from the source.
* Someone who appreciates a gentle approach to patching upstream sources,
letting you take responsibility for any customizations of third-party programs
that diverge from the behaviour envisioned by their original authors.
* Someone who values consistency and stability in the essential components of
the operating system.