Appendix: insert a note about boot flag on the partition containing syslinux.cfg

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@ -81,6 +81,11 @@ by %fn%/usr/share/syslinux/gptmbr.bin%%. You can run @@fdisk -l /dev/sda@@ (repl
remind yourself what the existing partition table looks like. An identification of the exact partition type (DOS or GPT)
will appear next to ''Disklabel type:'' in the fdisk output.
-> Also inspect the @@fdisk -l@@ output to make sure that the boot flag is
enabled on the partition where you save %fn%ldlinux.c32%% in the commands
below. This partition must be flagged as bootable in order for the binary
blob to proceed with loading the syslinux code.
Once you determine the binary blob that will work with your partition table, run the commands that will copy that
binary blob into the master boot record. '''Remember to replace ''sda'' with your actual device.'''