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@ -231,7 +231,7 @@ navigate through the interface of the @@make menuconfig@@ step. You can find
this file, %fn%config-5.15.55-modular%%, under %fn%/crux/kernel/contrib%% on
the installation media.
[[#BootLoader-Setup]] Installing a Bootloader
[[#BootLoader-Setup]] !!! Installing a Bootloader
-->If you plan to use syslinux as your bootloader, skip ahead to
[[#syslinux-install | "syslinux installation notes"]] in the appendix of this
document. Otherwise, proceed with '''grub-install''' according to the
@ -361,6 +361,6 @@ symlink to %fn%/run%% starting with CRUX 3.7. See the notes about
%fn%fstab%% in the [[#InstallingFromCD-ROM| "Installing"]] section for other
general recommendations.
Finish the upgrade by [[#BootLoader-Setup | "Installing a Bootloader"]], and
Finish the upgrade by [[#BootLoader-Setup | installing a bootloader]], and
then you should be able to login to your upgraded CRUX system after