3.7 Intro: revise the bullet points regarding the target audience for CRUX

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@ -39,14 +39,13 @@ In short, CRUX might suit you very well if you are:
* A somewhat experienced Linux user who wants a clean and solid Linux
distribution as the foundation of your installation.
* Someone who does not hesitate to download and compile programs from the source.
* Someone who appreciates the challenge of navigating third-party source trees
and figuring out what it takes to compile them.
* Someone who appreciates a gentle approach to patching upstream sources,
letting you take responsibility for any customizations of third-party programs
that diverge from the behaviour envisioned by their original authors.
* Someone who has the patience to rebuild large packages on a regular basis.
* Someone who values consistency and stability in the essential components of
the operating system.
* Someone who enjoys exploring and discussing with other enthusiasts the intricacies
of putting together an operating system.
%lfloat% http://crux.nu/doc/images/note.png