3.7 Configuration: add a paragraph on the removed UID check when setting PATH

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@ -255,8 +255,15 @@ and USERGROUPS_ENAB. First-time CRUX administrators might be surprised to learn
that creating a new user via @@useradd -m@@ will not automatically populate
the home directory with a basic shell startup file, as happens on other Linux
distributions whose %fn%/etc/skel/%% contains their idea of an initial home
directory. No such decisions are imposed on CRUX administrators, who get to work
with the upstream tools in their unmodified state.
A new default in CRUX 3.7 is that the value of PATH, for shells that rely on
%fn%/etc/profile%% to set this variable, will be the same regardless of UID.
This change allows non-root users easy access to any administrative command
without having to type its full path (provided they use '''bash''' as their
shell and are given the appropriate '''doas/sudo''' permissions). Users are
always free to choose a different shell and manage PATH themselves, but the
default behaviour is now less likely to cause confusion.
The core packages '''linux-pam''' and '''dumb_runtime_dir''', and the contrib
package '''pam_xdg''', provide a variety of modules that can be loaded upon