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@ -631,10 +631,6 @@ Update your current version of openssh, forcing a rebuild even if no version dif
Useful if there was a major version change in one of its dependencies, and \fBrevdep openssh\fP
indicates a broken package. :\-)
.B prt\-get info glib-networking
Show info about glib-networking
.B MISSLIBS=$(revdep -vvv mpv | awk -F ':' '/(missing library)/ {print $3}'); [ -n \(dq${MISSLIBS[@]}\(dq ] && for i in ${MISSLIBS[@]}; do prt\-get fsearch $i; done
(adapted from a script by ppetrov^) Check for the presence of the runtime libraries needed by mpv.
@ -671,12 +667,19 @@ suitable for piping to \fBxargs prt\-get install\fP or \fBxargs prt\-get grpinst
Same as above, but only print the dependencies that are already installed. The output of this
command is suitable for piping to \fBxargs prt\-get update\fP.
.B prt\-get printf \(dq%p\et%u\en\(dq | grep myrepo | cut -f 2
Print the upstream URL for each port in the collection \(dqmyrepo\(dq, perhaps as the first step in
keeping your personal overlay up to date.
.B prt\-get printf \(dq%M\et%n\en\(dq | grep ^Tim | wc -l
Count how many ports our most-overworked core team member claims responsibility for.
.B prt\-get grpinst \-\-test `prt\-get quickdep graphviz`
Show what would happen if you installed all packages needed for
graphviz (test mode). Remove \-\-test to install graphviz and all
its dependencies. Remember that grpinst stops installing when one
package installation fails.
.B comm -13 <(prt\-get depends firefox-bin |tail -n +2 |sort) <(prt\-get depends firefox |tail -n +2 |sort)
Find the build-time dependencies of firefox. Runtime dependencies would also appear in the list generated by
the first process substitution, and \fBcomm -13\fP will suppress what the two lists have in common.
.B prt-get listinst \-\-depsort | xargs prt-get grpinst \-\-install\-root=/mnt