SYSLINUX config file: change the keywords to uppercase

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@ -107,14 +107,14 @@ Now that the SYSLINUX bootloader is successfully installed, you need to tell it
where to find your kernel and the root filesystem.
default CRUX-3.7
prompt 1
timeout 10
label CRUX-3.7
say "Now booting into CRUX"
kernel vmlinuz-5.15.55
append root=/dev/sda2 rw quiet
SAY "Now booting into CRUX"
KERNEL vmlinuz-5.15.55
APPEND root=/dev/sda2 rw quiet
When giving the location of a kernel image, relative paths are interpreted in
@ -221,7 +221,7 @@ of the EFI system partition is the default path where the BIOS expects to
find a bootloader. This location is more obvious in the @@efibootmgr@@
commands, since @@efibootmgr@@ is agnostic about the mountpoint of your
EFI system partition. The two most common ways to shorten what looks like an
overly-verbose path to the kernel image are:
overly-verbose path to the kernel are:
** mount your EFI system partition somewhere else (and adjust the @@mkdir@@ and @@cd@@ commands as needed).
** save your kernel closer to the root of the EFI system partition (and change the @@efibootmgr@@ invocation as needed).
-> The flexibility afforded by all these options can be overwhelming (but