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2022-05-28 12:49:20 -04:00
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\fBpkgfoster \fP- clean orphaned packages
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\fBpkgfoster\fP is a simple interactive script you can use to clean up orphaned
packages (i.e., packages not listed in the "Depends on: " line of any other installed
package). It uses prt-cache by default, so remember to build the cache with "prt-get
cache". You can also use normal prt-get by modifying the PRT_GET variable. The file
~/.config/pkgfoster.keep is used to preserve your decisions regarding which packages
to keep. If you run \fBpkgfoster\fP as a non-root user, make sure the user is able to
elevate permissions using sudo, doas, or 'su -c'.
2022-05-28 12:49:20 -04:00
Packages from the core collection are never considered for deletion, since some of them
might provide runtime dependencies yet not be listed in the "Depends on: " line. See
\fBPkgfile\fP(5) for an explanation of this practice.
Some packages flagged by \fBpkgfoster\fP might actually be optional (soft)
dependencies of other packages on your system. Use \fBrevdep\fP(1) to identify any
breakage that you introduce by removing these misidentified orphans, and rebuild the
affected ports using
2022-05-28 12:49:20 -04:00
.B prt\-get update \-fr
(see \fBprt\-get\fP(8) for more detailed examples).
2023-11-28 20:07:03 -05:00
Jukka Heino <>, John McQuah <>
2022-05-28 12:49:20 -04:00
\fBprt\-cache\fP(8), \fBprt\-get\fP(8), \fBPkgfile\fP(5), \fBrevdep\fP(1)