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@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ Poor Ed is Dead
: But I knew her too well.
: I say she drove him to suicide
: and took Poor Edward to Hell.
I knew her too well
*I* knew her too well
: This story isn't about Edward. It isn't entirely about
: her, either. It is about me and how I knew her so well.
: And what I know now.
@ -38,9 +38,87 @@ I knew her too well
Whose head was it anyway?
: Would she agree that she was on the back of Edward's head or was he on
: the back of hers?
I knew her to well
I knew *her* to well
: Did she speak to me too? What did she say to me? Were these also words
: heard only in hell? Where am I from?
Second Summoning Notes
: Second summoning is a short story, perhaps a chapter, in which I summon
: my second demon. I'm composing it longhand with a hero pen in a black
: clairfontaine notebook. Here are some notes I put down in the monthly
: bullet journal:
Maybe start the story already swapped.
: so that my physical descriptions conflict with the pronoun usage for
: extra entertainment.
ah-A! is in my "male" body while I'm in her "female" body
The demon's true name is ah-A!
but when I'm in its body I use a chosen name
what is the my main character's undead name?
"You're doing it wrong!"
Not looking in/out but in adjusting the flame before the sacrifice
Sacrifice and the laws of infernal dynamics
: to summon a demon, or at least to bind it in the material plane of
: existence, terrestrial matter and/or energy must be swapped
: with the infernal. Something has to leave this universe in order for
: something to enter. Fire is popular in rituals because it
: effectively camoflages the swap. Hmm this seemed do clever before.
: Well I was also saying the physical elements are typically swapped
: for analogous infernal matter. So the materials you sacrifice will
: lend some qualities to the demonic tissues you summon.
Demonic need is a void
: A demon's need is a moral void that leaks out of the
: universe and cannot be plugged until or unless the demon is
: banished. Just as a physical sacrifice is necessary to bring
: something material across the divide a regular moral sacrifice is
: necessary to maintain the demon's unsoul here in the material realm.
: In the second or third EG book by OSC may he burn, people were
: genetically selected to pass on OCD as a trait. When it manifest,
: the god botherers or whatever were tormented in a fashion where they
: could not get themselves clean and had to invent a ritual which
: would absolve them of their OCD anxiety. (I have no idea how
: accurate OSC's depiction of OCD was and I'm not planning to find
: out). In this story however, binding a demon cuts it off from its
: infernal realm and forces it to invent a material moral analog; an
: earthly proxy which can more or less sustain it as long as it exists
: on the plane. The need does not exist in the place they come from.
: It only arises upon arrival and during the binding process.
: A sorcerer perhaps can try to influence some aspect of the need by
: controlling the environment where the binding ritual is performed.
: However results are notoriously unpredictable.
Binding bloopers
: A scholarly archivist(cover) sorcerer once performed a binding
: ritual in a vast public library hoping that the demon would
: develop a need to read, or critique literature or something.
: This the scholar thought would be easy enough for her to supply.
: However the demon could have just as easily manifest a need to
: burn books, or to perform depraved re-enactments found in some
: prurient pulp in the fiction section. As it happened, the
: sorcerer's sister had brought her toddler to visit the archives
: just two days ago. During the visit the sorcerer's nephew had
: gotten lost in the stacks and the brief but searing panic felt
: by both sisters came back to her mind during the binding. As a
: result the demon revealed it had a need to cause parents to lose
: track of their offspring on a semi-regular basis.
: The demon was powerful and well suited to the task for which she
: had summoned it but the sorcerer soon had to banish it due to
: this tedious and disruptive need.
: Adept sorcerers do not deceive themselves into thinking they can
: successfully order up a convenient demonic need, instead they
: practice austere restraint and mental detachment during binding
: rituals in an attempt to reduce the chaos inherent in the
: process. The object is to quell ones own fears and conceal or
: disperse all emotional baggage to prevent the demon from
: fixating on something that will cause the sorcerer excessive
: distress. Whether this is more effective than any other matter
: has not been systematically reviewed.
: I have no idea how writers write outlines for their stories.
Chapter Ideas