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@ -19,6 +19,18 @@ ruin her.
It's even worse than one would think. Because once Kj knows she's secured Yy's love
she begins to pursue her in RL! (real life)
## Information
Caligula XE is based on Conan Exiles. As a game it's a world similar to the one depicted in
some play documents I created. Basically Conan Exiles & Roman Gladiators & Locke Tomb pastiche.
Many incidents in the story can be based on game-play recalled from Conan Exiles. In that game
I really did play a character who fell in love with another character names Katja, (Also Sigryn) in
another server. Yyanu & Katja were re-united across a couple of servers before losing touch.
## Caligula sections should read very much like a light novel\
In which RPG and computer game conventions are transparently acknowledged in the game universes. But
without overt acknowledgement of the actual computer game frame.
# RL (ish) virtually
At this turning point in the story, it is revealed that Yy and Kj (and other characters)
are actually characters in an online game called Caligula XE. Each one is controlled by
@ -35,3 +47,5 @@ as trans because of their self-contempt.