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# Codeberg's Censorship, Attack on Transparency, and Attack on Cloudflare Resistance
# Codeberg's Attack on Transparency and on Cloudflare Opposition
Codeberg hosted the Cloudflare-Tor project. In 2021, Codeberg took
down the project alleging libel.
@ -35,11 +35,11 @@ were spotted publicly promoting Cloudflare.
## Codeberg-inflicted censorship
Allegedly in response to complaints, Codeberg shut down the CFT
project and issued
Codeberg shut down the CFT project and issued
[this statement](
to contributors, and posted
[this blog announcement](
[this blog announcement](,
allegedly in response to complaints.
### Analysis of Codeberg's e-mail
@ -125,7 +125,9 @@ personally condone Cloudflare and thus claimed to not be a Cloudflare
"supporter" on that basis. But investigation of
[public statements](
by that individual revealed that the other party actually supported
Cloudflare operationally.
Cloudflare operationally. Note that Codeberg destroyed the
investigation logs which led to the finding, so we can't cite them
> The pure existence of lis ts "Enemies of X" is by all rational means
> unlikely to have any other purpose than public shaming, defamation,
@ -194,7 +196,7 @@ Yet Codeberg still removed the project despite immediate compliance.
CloudFlare itself is
their employees since day 1.
their employees, so it's already public information.
> People reaching out to us and to the maintainers of the repository
> itself tried to make clear that they do not consider themselves as