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@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ The following forges have no significant ethical issues:
[]([onion](http://git.hsdtecd4h2b5z732pvkg2yw3746epap4qusgvjjze6nhmfcdpz2suiad.onion/))|✅|Gitea 1.15.0[⚠][gitea-bug]|n|n|n|n|[SSH disabled](; large repos are [git-inaccessible over Tor](|
[](|✅|Gitea 1.15.0[⚠][gitea-bug]|n|n|n|n|Intended only for Gitea experimentation; no expectation of future availability|
[](|✅|Gitlab (CE 13.10.2)|n|n|n|n|[may become more restricted]( in mid-2021|
[](|✅|Gitlab (CE)|n|n|n|n|possibly restricted to Jami efforts; acces to help page blocked to non-members so CE/EE unknown|
[](|✅|Gitlab (CE)|n|n|n|n|possibly restricted to Gnome efforts|
[](|✅|Gitlab (CE)|n|n|n|n|possibly restricted to Tails efforts but no AUP says otherwise|