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@ -118,8 +118,7 @@ of CAPTCHAs:
[scan your LAN ports][ebay].
1. GUI CAPTCHAs fail to meet [WCAG standards][wcag] and thus
discriminate against impaired people, ultimately blocking
satisfaction of [FSF criteria C2][fsfCriteria]:
satisfaction of [FSF criteria C2][fsfCriteria]: <details>
@ -185,7 +184,8 @@ of CAPTCHAs:
1. The CAPTCHAs are often unsolvable.
19. The CAPTCHAs are often unsolvable.
* E.g.1: the CAPTCHA puzzle is broken by ambiguity (is one pixel in a grid cell of a pole holding a street sign considered a street sign?)
* E.g.2: the puzzle is expressed in a language the viewer doesn't understand.
1. Network neutrality abuse: at moments when Google reCAPTCHA is