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@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ The following forges have no significant ethical issues:
[](|🟢|Gitea 1.5.2|n|n|n|n||
[](|🟢|Gitlab (CE 13.10.2)|n|n|n|n|[may become more restricted]( in mid-2021|
[](|🟢|Gitea 1.13.6|n|n|n|n|SSH over Tor works; based in NL|
[]([🧅](http://git.fuwafuwaqtlkkxwc.onion))|🟢|Gitea|n|n|n|n|SSH over Tor [broken](http://git.fuwafuwaqtlkkxwc.onion/levena/fuwafuwa/issues/1); HTTPS over Tor works|
[]([🧅](http://git.fuwafuwaqtlkkxwc.onion))|🟢|Gitea 1.13.6|n|n|n|n|SSH over Tor [broken](http://git.fuwafuwaqtlkkxwc.onion/levena/fuwafuwa/issues/1); HTTPS over Tor works|
[](|🟢|Gitlab (CE)|n|n|n|n|possibly restricted to Jami efforts; acces to help page blocked to non-members so CE/EE unknown|
[](|🟢|Gitea 1.13.1|n|n|n|n||
[](|🔴|Gitea 1.13.1|n|n|n|n|formerly|