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/* See LICENSE file for copyright and license details. */
/* interval between updates (in ms) */
const unsigned int interval = 1000;
/* text to show if no value can be retrieved */
static const char unknown_str[] = "n/a";
/* maximum output string length */
#define MAXLEN 2048
* function description argument (example)
* battery_perc battery percentage battery name (BAT0)
* NULL on OpenBSD/FreeBSD
* battery_state battery charging state battery name (BAT0)
* NULL on OpenBSD/FreeBSD
* battery_remaining battery remaining HH:MM battery name (BAT0)
* NULL on OpenBSD/FreeBSD
* cpu_perc cpu usage in percent NULL
* cpu_freq cpu frequency in MHz NULL
* datetime date and time format string (%F %T)
* disk_free free disk space in GB mountpoint path (/)
* disk_perc disk usage in percent mountpoint path (/)
* disk_total total disk space in GB mountpoint path (/")
* disk_used used disk space in GB mountpoint path (/)
* entropy available entropy NULL
* gid GID of current user NULL
* hostname hostname NULL
* ipv4 IPv4 address interface name (eth0)
* ipv6 IPv6 address interface name (eth0)
* kernel_release `uname -r` NULL
* keyboard_indicators caps/num lock indicators format string (c?n?)
* see keyboard_indicators.c
* keymap layout (variant) of current NULL
* keymap
* load_avg load average NULL
* netspeed_rx receive network speed interface name (wlan0)
* netspeed_tx transfer network speed interface name (wlan0)
* num_files number of files in a directory path
* (/home/foo/Inbox/cur)
* ram_free free memory in GB NULL
* ram_perc memory usage in percent NULL
* ram_total total memory size in GB NULL
* ram_used used memory in GB NULL
* run_command custom shell command command (echo foo)
* swap_free free swap in GB NULL
* swap_perc swap usage in percent NULL
* swap_total total swap size in GB NULL
* swap_used used swap in GB NULL
* temp temperature in degree celsius sensor file
* (/sys/class/thermal/...)
* NULL on OpenBSD
* thermal zone on FreeBSD
* (tz0, tz1, etc.)
* uid UID of current user NULL
* uptime system uptime NULL
* username username of current user NULL
* vol_perc OSS/ALSA volume in percent mixer file (/dev/mixer)
* wifi_perc WiFi signal in percent interface name (wlan0)
* wifi_essid WiFi ESSID interface name (wlan0)
static const struct arg args[] = {
/* function format argument */
{ datetime, "%s", "%F %T" },