Morse over IP
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MoIP - Morse over IP

In analogy to voice over ip (voip) we can also do morse code over ip (moip). A number of different approaches for CW over IP exist. Here we describe the well-establised CWCom protocol. Besides a variety of other approaches exist, for example an IRC plugin (CWirc), a JavaScript implementation, a bandwidth-eating UDP implementation, a chat for iOS or a modulated CW over IP using Mumble (iCW).


CWCom Protocol

A number of different approaches for CW over IP exist. An early implementation has been the CWCom protocol, which has been the basis for Morse KOB, a ready-to-use software.

CWCom Servers

Server software:

Bob Denny -

Relay Server:

CWCom Clients

Both chat programs have been written for CW exclusively and are compatibleRelay server for CW communicator and morse KOB: for the Relay Server:

An alternative implementation in C exists as well as a port to the ATMEL AVR Microcontroller.

An alternative implementation in C existsIRMC (Morse KOB): as well as a port to the ATMEL AVR MicrocontrollerMorseKOB for AT Mega:

What is IRMC?

IRMC stands for Internet Relay Morse Code. It implements the CWCom protocol as adopted by MorseKOB. You can try out the software in a browser using Java.

How to use?

Client Software

| Architecture | Name | License | Comment | | :------------ |:------------ | :----- | :------ |  | Windows | MorseKOB 2.5 | ? | Original MorseKOB Software by Less Kerr | | Browser | MorseKOB 3.0 | ? | Java implementation of MorseKOB by Less Kerr | | Linux, OSX, BSD | IRMC | GPL | C implementation of morsekob| | Arduino | irmc-avr | GPL | arduino port| | iOS | irmc-ios | GPL | ios port| | iOS & ext key | ble-morse | GPL | external interface with ble for ios | | Windows | CWCom | Closed Source | original cwcom software by John Samin (VK1EME)|

Morse KOB 4.0, Less Kerr:,


Network Server Port Activity
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