Internet Relay Morse Code
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irmc - Internet Relay Morse Code

IRMC stands for Internet Relay Morse Code and is an implementation of MOIP.


On Linux

sudo apt-get install -y alsa-oss oss-compat build-essential autoconf libao-dev libtool libportaudio-dev portaudio19-dev

On Raspi (GPIO Interface)



brew install portaudio

Hardware interface options

A good description on how to build different interfaces (telegraph key, sounder or both) is given on the MorseKOB Website. Landline telegraphs use "closed circuits" for communications; if you have built one at home, you may also use the loop interface.

Connection of a morse key: layout of pins

RS232 DB9 Function
DTR 4 Manual Key / paddle common
DSR 6 Manual key / dot paddle
CTS 8 Dash paddle
RTS 7 Sounder output
SG 5 Sounder ground


  • v0.3 zip - commandline option cleanup
  • v0.2 zip - ported to debian wheezy and osx yosemite, DG6FL
  • v0.1 zip - original version, VE7FEB

Code Quality

This is experimental code.