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#define INTERFACE_VERSION "irmc v0.3.3"
// Structures for the packets: unsigned short command
#define DIS 0x0002 // disconnect
#define DAT 0x0003
#define CON 0x0004 // connect
#define ACK 0x0005
#define SIZE_DATA_PACKET 496
#define SIZE_ID 128
#define SIZE_STATUS 128
#define SIZE_CODE 51
// This structure will be used to (dis-)connect to KOB servers
struct command_packet_format{
unsigned short command; // CON / DIS
unsigned short channel; // Channel number
// This structure will be used for id, rx and tx packets
struct data_packet_format{
unsigned short command;
unsigned short length;
char id[SIZE_ID];
char a1[4];
unsigned int sequence;
unsigned int a21;
unsigned int a22;
unsigned int a23;
signed int code[SIZE_CODE];
unsigned int n;
char status[SIZE_STATUS]; /* This is called version in MorseKob, in cwcom this transmits the sent character?! */
char a4[8];
// Define the packets used
/* Define functions provided by cwprotocol */
int prepare_id (struct data_packet_format *id_packet, char *id);
int prepare_tx (struct data_packet_format *tx_packet, char *id);
void identifyclient (void);
int send_latch (void);
int send_unlatch (void);
/* Define external struct for global variables */
extern struct command_packet_format connect_packet;
extern struct command_packet_format disconnect_packet;
extern struct data_packet_format id_packet;
extern struct data_packet_format rx_data_packet;
extern struct data_packet_format tx_data_packet;
extern int tx_sequence, rx_sequence;
extern int fd_socket;