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# What is IRMC?
IRMC stands for Internet Relay Morse Code. It implements the CWCom protocol
## Why morse code over IP?
Why not? A number of different approaches for CW over IP exist. An early implementation has been the CWCom protocol,
which has been the basis for Morse KOB, a ready-to-use software. Both chat programs have been written for CW exclusively and are compatible. An alternative implementation in C exists as well as a port to the ATMEL AVR Microcontroller.
Besides a variety of other approaches exist, for example an IRC plugin (CWirc, Pierre-Philippe Coupard:, a JavaScript implementation (Burak Kanber:, a bandwidth-eating UDP implementation (Morse over IP, Hans Liss:, a chat for iOS (CW with me (iOS), Nick Garner: or a modulated CW over IP using Mumble (iCW:
# How to build?
## Install dependency: morse keyer library
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# References
## Original post
## Original post by Fernan Bolando (VE4FEB)
Copied on 20150103 from
> I have been using cwcom to practice sending morsecode, unfortunately my main computer at home is running openbsd and it has gotten harder to gain access to a reliable MS Windows machine. So I wrote my own client that works on openbsd.
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> John Samin -
## Resources
* CWCom, John Samin (VK1EME):
* Morse KOB, Less Kerr: and
* Relay server for CW communicator and morse KOB:
* Sources for the Relay Server:
* MorseKOB for AT Mega, Fernan Bolando (VE4FEB):