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* v0.1 [zip]( - original version, VE7FEB
# References
Original [post]( by Fernan Bolando (VE4FEB)
## Original post by Fernan Bolando (VE4FEB)
Copied on 20150103 from
> I have been using cwcom to practice sending morsecode, unfortunately my main computer at home is running openbsd and it has gotten harder to gain access to a reliable MS Windows machine. So I wrote my own client that works on openbsd.
> This is written in C and although not tested it should compile under other OS. If any one wants to try it and send me feedback. you can download version 0.01 here
> Les Kerr of has been very patient in answering my questions regarding the cwcom protocol and setting up a test server during debugging.
> There are few difference between this and the official cwcom client
> 1. It is a command line tool
> 2. It does not send the characters of the message to the receivers screen.
> 3. It does not translate CW for you. You can try fldigi if you just want see the transmission.
> 4. Tone pitch is currently hard coded to 650Hz
> 5. It does not have a way to show you who is listening.
> Bugs:
> There are a few that I am working on right now, but feel free to send me feedback if you get a chance to try it out.
> File(s)
> The following people have helped me a lot to learn the protocols and setting up test servers.
> Les Kerr -
> Bob Denny -
> John Samin -
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