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@ -2,36 +2,6 @@ irmc - Internet Relay Morse Code
IRMC stands for Internet Relay Morse Code and is an implementation of [MOIP](
# How to build?
## Install dependency: morse keyer library
tar xzf v0.1.tar.gz
cd morse-0.1
./configure --with-portaudio
sudo make install
## Debian (Wheezy)
Some dependencies have to be installed:
apt-get install -y alsa-oss oss-compat build-essential autoconf libao-dev libtool
Afterwards compilation with `make` should work. If something went wrong, you may have
to adjust your `LD_LIBRARY_PATH`. Alternatively try:
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib ./irmc 7890 33 123
## OSX (Yosemite)
Compilation with make :)
For the USB serial devices you need a PL2303 driver
(i.e. [PL2303_Serial-USB_on_OSX_Lion.pkg](
# Hardware interface options
A good description on how to build different interfaces (telegraph key, sounder or both)
is given on the [MorseKOB Website](