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## OSX (Yosemite)
Compilation with make :)
## Testing
If you don't want to mess with your security settings, you can download the Java implementation of MorseKOB:
For the USB serial devices you need a PL2303 driver (i.e. PL2303_Serial-USB_on_OSX_Lion.pkg).
### Serial Drivers
TBD: Driver: serial - 2usb!
## Testing with MorseKOB 3.0 (Java)
This [software]( will run on
Linux, Windows and OSX. With the [RXTX software](
for Java (i.e. librxtxSerial.jnilib on OSX) it is even possible to connect to external hardware.
NB: before you transmit make sure you uncheck the "circuit closer".
# How to use: