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Christian Barthel 8e2341f849 remove default paths, add error checks when toolbox missing
* lisp/tla+-mode.el (tla+-java-path):
remove some default paths that may be not useful or
helpful for other users.
(tla+-run-model): add an error check (if the
tla+-tlatools-path is not set, print an error message)
(tla+-run-dot): run dot only when the binary to dot
is given.
2020-08-27 17:16:13 +02:00
Christian Barthel 6ba78769a5 tlc window handling improvement, dot(1) usage
* lisp/tla+-mode.el (tla+-tlc-depth): tune depth
  parameter, default to 1000 now.
  (tla+-tlc-workers): tune worker threads (at least
  2 threads should be used by default)
  (tla+-dot-convert, tla+-dot-binary): dot(1)
  customization variables.
  (tla+-run-dot): elisp function to run dot(1) and
  convert the state graph to a PNG file
  (tla+-run-model): automatically generate the PNG
  output file, change  the window handling.  It
  seems better to only show the tlc buffer output
  once (when it is a newly created buffer).  The
  user may kill it, or arrange it in such a way
  that the output can be read by another tlc model
  check run.  Also: set the bufffer to readonly.
  (tlc-widget-example): remove the cfgname; seems
  that the lambda expressions do not see the cfgname
  anyway so I have to reconstruct it.
* ChangeLog: add a changelog file
2020-08-02 22:28:31 +02:00