add operator insertion menu, ps/pdf conversion, etc.

this commit adds

- more comments,
- change the path to simple binary name.  with that, the
  $PATH variable may be used.  Hard coding the path is
  unnecessarily restrictive.
- add dvips and dvipdf convertion (two additional customization
  parameters define the path to the dvipdf(1) and dvips(1)
- add action and temporal operators (i.e. functions to insert
  those symbols).  the help text is the one found on the tla+
- more syntax highlighting for more constants and types
Christian Barthel 2019-12-23 16:50:36 +01:00
parent 84d7eafeea
commit 87707476af
1 changed files with 158 additions and 24 deletions

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@ -20,9 +20,11 @@
;;; Commentary:
;; This package defines TLA+ Major Mode to manipulate TLA+
;; specifications.
;;; Code:
;;; Code:
(defcustom tla+-mode-hook '()
"Normal hook run when entering TLA+ mode."
@ -30,7 +32,7 @@
:options '()
:group 'tla+)
(defcustom tla+-java-path "/usr/local/bin/java"
(defcustom tla+-java-path "java"
"Path to the `java' program"
:type 'file
:group 'tla+)
@ -41,12 +43,25 @@
:type 'file
:group 'tla+)
(defcustom tla+-dvipdf-path
"Path to the `dvipdf' program"
:type 'file
:group 'tla+)
(defcustom tla+-dvips-path
"Path to the `dvips' program"
:type 'file
:group 'tla+)
(defvar tla+-mode-map
((map (make-sparse-keymap))
(menu-map (make-sparse-keymap "TLA+"))
(operator-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(action-operator-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(temporal-operator-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(export-map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(set-keymap-parent map lisp-mode-shared-map)
(define-key map "\e\t" 'ispell-complete-word)
@ -55,6 +70,73 @@
(bindings--define-key map [menu-bar tla+]
(cons "TLA+" menu-map))
;; Operators
(bindings--define-key menu-map [operator]
(cons "Insert Operator.." operator-map))
;; Action Operators
(bindings--define-key operator-map [action-operator]
(cons "Action Operator" action-operator-map))
action-operator-map [primed-operator]
'(menu-item "e'" tla+-operator-primed
:help "Value of e in final state of a step"))
action-operator-map [stutter-operator]
'(menu-item "[A]_e" tla+-operator-stutter
:help "A \\/ (e' = e)"))
action-operator-map [nonstutter-operator]
'(menu-item "<<A>>_e" tla+-operator-nonstutter
:help "A /\ (e' \\= e)"))
action-operator-map [enabled-operator]
'(menu-item "ENABLED A" tla+-operator-enabled
:help "An A step is possible"))
action-operator-map [unchanged-operator]
'(menu-item "UNCHANGED e" tla+-operator-unchanged
:help "e = e'"))
action-operator-map [composition-operator]
'(menu-item "A \\cdot B" tla+-operator-composition
:help "Composition of actions"))
;; Temporal operators:
(bindings--define-key operator-map [temporal-operator]
(cons "Temporal Operator" temporal-operator-map))
temporal-operator-map [always-temporal-operator]
'(menu-item "[]F" tla+-operator-alwaystrue
:help "F is always true"))
temporal-operator-map [eventually-temporal-operator]
'(menu-item "<>F" tla+-operator-eventually
:help "F is eventually true"))
temporal-operator-map [wf-temporal-operator]
'(menu-item "WF_e(A)" tla+-operator-weakfairness
:help "Weak fairness for action A"))
temporal-operator-map [sf-temporal-operator]
'(menu-item "SF_e(A)" tla+-operator-strongfairness
:help "Strong fairness for action A"))
temporal-operator-map [leadsto-temporal-operator]
'(menu-item "F ~> G" tla+-operator-leadsto
:help "F leads to G"))
;; Export Menu:
(bindings--define-key menu-map [export] (cons "Export.." export-map))
@ -81,7 +163,7 @@
'(menu-item "Run Syntax Checker" tla+-run-sany
"Run SANY2 "
"(parser and syntax checker for TLA+ specifications.) "))
"(parser/syntax checker for TLA+ specifications.) "))
(bindings--define-key map [menu-bar tla+ tla+-create-module]
'(menu-item "Create new Module" tla+-create-module
@ -93,21 +175,22 @@
(defconst tla+-font-lock-keywords
. font-lock-builtin-face)
'("\\<\\(TRUE\\|FALSE\\|OTHER\\|BOOLEAN\\)\\>" . font-lock-type-face)
'("\\<\\(CONSTANT\\|SUBSET\\|ENABLED\\|UNCHANGED\\|UNION\\|DOMAIN\\|EXCEPT\\|IF\\|THEN\\|ELSE\\|CHOOSE\\)\\>" . font-lock-keyword-face)
'("\\\\\\*.*$" . font-lock-comment-face)
'("(\\*.*\\*)" . font-lock-comment-face)
'("\\('\\w*'\\)" . font-lock-variable-name-face)
"Highlighting for TLA+ Keywords."))
"Highlighting for TLA+ Operators, Keywords etc."))
;;;###autoload (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.tla\\'" . tla+-mode))
(define-derived-mode tla+-mode nil "TLA+"
"Major mode for editing text written for humans to read.
In this mode, paragraphs are delimited only by blank or white lines.
You can thus get the full benefit of adaptive filling
(see the variable `adaptive-fill-mode').
"Major mode for editing TLA+ specifications.
In this mode, syntax highlighting is activated for TLA+ specification
files. Various operators can be inserted by `tla+-operator-NAME'.
Turning on Text mode runs the normal hook `text-mode-hook'."
(setq-local font-lock-defaults
@ -120,13 +203,14 @@ Turning on Text mode runs the normal hook `text-mode-hook'."
"------------------- MODULE ......... -----------------------\n"
"EXTENDS Naturals, ...\n"
"\\* Modification History\n"
"\\* Created " (current-time-string) " by " user-full-name "\n")))
"------------------- MODULE ......... -----------------------\n"
"EXTENDS Naturals, ...\n"
"\\* Modification History\n"
"\\* Created "
(current-time-string) " by " user-full-name "\n")))
(defun tla+-run-sany ()
@ -152,9 +236,44 @@ Turning on Text mode runs the normal hook `text-mode-hook'."
(switch-to-buffer buffername)
(let* ((filename (buffer-file-name))
(dviname (replace-regexp-in-string ".tla$" ".dvi" filename)))
(dviname (replace-regexp-in-string
".tla$" ".dvi" filename)))
(shell-command (concat "xdvi " dviname " &")))))
(defun tla+-operator-alwaystrue ()
(interactive) (insert " []F"))
(defun tla+-operator-eventually ()
(interactive) (insert " <>F"))
(defun tla+-operator-weakfairness ()
(interactive) (insert " WF_e(A)"))
(defun tla+-operator-strongfairness ()
(interactive) (insert " SF_e(A)"))
(defun tla+-operator-leadsto ()
(interactive) (insert " F~>G "))
(defun tla+-operator-stutter ()
(interactive) (insert " [A]_e"))
(defun tla+-operator-primed ()
(interactive) (insert " e'"))
(defun tla+-operator-nonstutter ()
(interactive) (insert " <<A>>_e"))
(defun tla+-operator-enabled ()
(interactive) (insert " ENABLED A"))
(defun tla+-operator-unchanged ()
(interactive) (insert " UNCHANGED e"))
(defun tla+-operator-unchanged ()
(interactive) (insert " A \\cdot B"))
(defun tla+-run-tlatex (type)
"TODO: jump to line.."
@ -168,16 +287,31 @@ Turning on Text mode runs the normal hook `text-mode-hook'."
" -cp "
" tla2tex.TLA "
(dvipath (replace-regexp-in-string
".tla$" ".dvi" filename))
(convert2pdf (concat
tla+-dvipdf-path " " dvipath))
(convert2ps (concat
tla+-dvips-path " " dvipath)))
((eq type 'pdf)
(shell-command convert2pdf))
((eq type 'ps)
(shell-command convert2ps)))
;; (save-excursion
;; (split-window-below)
;; (other-window 1)
;; (switch-to-buffer sanybuffer)
;; (insert output))))
(defun tla+-run-tlatex-pdf () (tla+-run-tlatex 'pdf))
(defun tla+-run-tlatex-dvi () (tla+-run-tlatex 'dvi))
(defun tla+-run-tlatex-ps () (tla+-run-tlatex 'ps))
(defun tla+-run-tlatex-pdf ()
(interactive) (tla+-run-tlatex 'pdf))
(defun tla+-run-tlatex-dvi ()
(interactive) (tla+-run-tlatex 'dvi))
(defun tla+-run-tlatex-ps ()
(interactive) (tla+-run-tlatex 'ps))
(provide 'tla+-mode)