Add TLA+ Repl Shell elisp wrapper

- add a function to start a REPL TLA+ shell
- add menu button to launch repl shell
Christian Barthel 2021-02-19 21:35:15 +01:00
parent 71b6abbf9d
commit 09941c5311
1 changed files with 14 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -392,6 +392,12 @@
;; Main Menu
(bindings--define-key map [menu-bar tla+ sep] menu-bar-separator)
(bindings--define-key map [menu-bar tla+ tla+-run-shell]
'(menu-item "Run TLA+ REPL Shell" tla+-run-shell
"Run tlc2.REPL"
"(Execute TLA+ Read Eval Print Loop)"))
(bindings--define-key map [menu-bar tla+ tla+-run-model]
'(menu-item "Run TLC Model Checker" tla+-run-model
@ -765,6 +771,14 @@ step is taken to a new state, i.e. e' = e. "
A \\cdot B describes the composition of actions A, B."
(interactive) (insert " A \\cdot B"))
(defun tla+-run-shell ()
"Execute TLA REPL"
(shell (get-buffer-create "*TLA+ Repl*"))
;; java -cp ../tla2tools.jar tlc2.REPL
(insert (format "%s -cp %s tlc2.REPL"
tla+-java-path tla+-tlatools-path)))
(defun tla+-run-tlatex (type)
"Run TLaTeX and generate DVI, PDF or PS file.
This function runs `pdflatex(1)' and geneartes a DVI file which can