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Toot - Mastodon CLI interface

Interact with Mastodon social networks from the command line.

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Install using pip:

.. code-block::

    pip install toot


Running ``toot`` displays a list of available commands.

Running ``toot <command> -h`` shows the documentation for the given command.

.. code-block::

    $ toot

    toot - a Mastodon CLI client

      toot login       Log into a Mastodon instance
      toot login_2fa   Log in using two factor authentication (experimental)
      toot logout      Log out, delete stored access keys
      toot auth        Show stored credentials

      toot whoami      Display logged in user details
      toot whois       Display account details
      toot search      Search for users or hashtags
      toot timeline    Show recent items in your public timeline
      toot curses      An experimental timeline app.

      toot post        Post a status text to your timeline
      toot upload      Upload an image or video file

      toot follow      Follow an account
      toot unfollow    Unfollow an account
      toot mute        Mute an account
      toot unmute      Unmute an account
      toot block       Block an account
      toot unblock     Unblock an account

    To get help for each command run:
      toot <command> --help


It is possible to pipe status text into `toot post`, for example:

.. code-block::

    echo "Text to post" | toot post
    cat mypost.txt | toot post


Before tooting, you need to login to a Mastodon instance:

.. code-block::

    toot login

**Two factor authentication** is supported experimentally, instead of ``login``, you should instead run ``login_2fa``:

.. code-block::

    toot login_2fa

You will be asked to chose an instance_ and enter your credentials.

.. _instance: https://github.com/tootsuite/documentation/blob/master/Using-Mastodon/List-of-Mastodon-instances.md

The application and user access tokens will be saved in two files in your home directory:

* ``~/.config/toot/instances/<name>`` - created for each mastodon instance once
* ``~/.config/toot/user.cfg``

You can check whether you are currently logged in:

.. code-block::

    toot auth

And you can logout which will remove the stored access tokens:

.. code-block::

    toot logout