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License: MIT Release Build Status Join the chat at https://img.shields.io/discord/322538954119184384.svg Go Report Card GoDoc

The official CLI interface for gitea

Tea is a command line tool for interacting on one or more Gitea instances. It uses code.gitea.io/sdk and interacts with the Gitea API

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You can use the prebuilt binaries from dl.gitea.io

To install from source, go 1.13 or newer is required:

go get code.gitea.io/tea
go install code.gitea.io/tea

If you have brew installed, you can install tea via:

brew tap gitea/tap https://gitea.com/gitea/homebrew-gitea
brew install tea

Distribution packages exist for: alpinelinux (tea) and archlinux (gitea-tea)


First of all, you have to create a token on your personal settings -> application page of your gitea instance. Use this token to login with tea:

tea login add --name=try --url=https://try.gitea.io --token=xxxxxx

Now you can use the following tea subcommands. Detailed usage information is available via tea <command> --help.

login            Log in to a Gitea server
logout           Log out from a Gitea server
issues           List, create and update issues
pulls            List, create, checkout and clean pull requests
releases         List, create, update and delete releases
repos            Operate with repositories
labels           Manage issue labels
times            Operate on tracked times of a repositorys issues and pulls
open             Open something of the repository on web browser
notifications    Show notifications
milestones       List and create milestones
organizations    List, create, delete organizations
help, h          Shows a list of commands or help for one command

To fetch issues from different repos, use the --remote flag (when inside a gitea repository directory) or --login & --repo flags.


Make sure you have installed a current go version. To compile the sources yourself run the following:

git clone https://gitea.com/gitea/tea.git
cd tea


Fork -> Patch -> Push -> Pull Request

  • make test run testsuite
  • make vet run checks (check the order of imports; preventing failure on CI pipeline beforehand)
  • make vendor when adding new dependencies
  • ... (for other development tasks, check the Makefile)

Please read the CONTRIBUTING documentation, it will tell you about internal structures and concepts.


This project is under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.