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Norwin 819cc1ab21 Add `tea clone` (#411)
Adds a new subcommand to clone repos:
tea clone --login try --depth 1 norwin/test
tea clone gitea/tea
tea clone noerw/tea           # will set up `master` to track `upstream` remote
tea clone try.gitea.io/noerw/test # will automatically set --login

This is just a replacement for `git clone` with small benefits:
- [x] does not depend on `git`, as tea ships with go-git
- [x] spares you typing of URLs and autoselects https/ssh based on your login config
- [x] forked repos: set up origin + upstream remote

Co-authored-by: Norwin <git@nroo.de>
Co-authored-by: techknowlogick <techknowlogick@gitea.io>
Reviewed-on: https://gitea.com/gitea/tea/pulls/411
Reviewed-by: Andrew Thornton <art27@cantab.net>
Reviewed-by: Lunny Xiao <xiaolunwen@gmail.com>
Co-authored-by: Norwin <noerw@noreply.gitea.io>
Co-committed-by: Norwin <noerw@noreply.gitea.io>
2021-10-18 20:09:27 +08:00
parse.go Add `tea clone` (#411) 2021-10-18 20:09:27 +08:00
path.go InitCommand() robustness (#327) 2021-03-01 06:29:26 +08:00
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