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- Build against libmesode if available
- SSL certificate verification (requires libmesode) (/tls)
- Allow auto extended away (/autoaway)
- Include last acitvity in initial presence (xep-0256) (/lastactivity)
- Last Activity (xep-0012) (/lastactivity)
- Ability to run command scripts (/script)
- Account startscript property to execute a command script on connect (/account)
- Export roster to CSV file (/export)
- User specified text triggers for chat room notifications (/notify)
- Per chat room notification options (/notify)
- More roster panel display options (/roster)
- Option to include active chat rooms in roster panel (/roster)
- Time format preferences per window type (/time)
- Edit, prepend and append to room subject (/subject)
- Autoping timeout preference (/autoping)
- Window navigation by window title (/win)
- Configure level of room message notifications in console window (/console)
- Check ~/.config/profanity/inputrc for readline settings
- Custom readline functions for navigation key bindings
- GNU Readline
- OpenPGP support
- Message Carbons (xep-0280)
- Message Delivery Receipts (xep-0184)
- MUC Mediated Invitation support
- Configurable time formatting
- Option to show JIDs in roster
- Option to hide empty groups in roster
- Generate UUID for unnamed new MUC rooms
- Themable UI preference to indicate OTR and PGP messages
- Reformatted help
- devel: Added functional tests using libexpect and libstabber
- 16 colour support (/theme colours)
- UI preferences included in themes
- /wrap - Word wrapping
- /time - Show/hide time in main window, and configure precision
- /roster - Show/hide and customise roster panel
- /roster and /occupants panel size settings (% of screen width)
- /account default - Set default account for /connect
- /account remove
- /presence - Show/hide contact presence in titlebar
- /resource - Override resource during chat, resource display settings
- Improved chat session handling <http://xmpp.org/rfcs/rfc6121.html#message-chat>
- Lower CPU usage with dynamic input blocking timeout
- Keychain/keyring integration using account eval_password property
- Disable term window title by default
- Fixed remote code execution bug on OSX when desktop notifications configured to show message text