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Michael Vetter
0c7350e2e6 Make qrencode optional and add to CI 2022-05-30 18:06:13 +02:00
Michael Vetter
3aafffded9 Add pixbuf building to CI 2022-05-30 17:49:09 +02:00
Michael Vetter
fada16bd6d ci: dont verify ssl 2022-01-12 18:59:39 +01:00
Michael Vetter
992f5b800b ci: remove building of stabber
It's not run anyways.
See https://github.com/profanity-im/profanity/issues/789
2022-01-12 16:54:43 +01:00
Michael Vetter
50f0cfd324 ci: git clone from https
Cloning into 'stabber'...
fatal: remote error:
  The unauthenticated git protocol on port 9418 is no longer supported.
Please see https://github.blog/2021-09-01-improving-git-protocol-security-github/ for more information.
2022-01-11 16:16:12 +01:00
Michael Vetter
61cebcdf5b ci: switch from libmesode to libstrophe 2021-10-28 20:13:41 +02:00
Michael Vetter
37e1699c84 ci: debian test.. 2021-10-16 17:54:28 +02:00
Michael Vetter
9cc4b3f162 Update debian docker file
I guess they removed the py2 package now.
2021-10-16 14:38:23 +02:00
Michael Vetter
672f3e22e8 Add sqlite to CI dependencies 2020-04-06 10:50:20 +02:00
William Wennerström
Add Travis CI tests for Arch, Debian and OSX/macOS
+ Arch and Debian are run in Docker containers, as openSUSE Tumbleweed.

+ OSX/macOS doesn't use any containers.
   * Homebrew is used to fetch all the dependencies.
   * The dependencies are declared in the Brewfile.travis file.

+ The travis-build.sh script has been modified to check for the current
  OS and the different configure flags has been moved into an array
  that'll be looped through instead.
  The xscreensaver (for libXScrnSaver) flags has been removed for macOS
  as it only makes sense for systems running X11, which macOS doesn't
  (usually) do.

+ Some minor shellcheck fixes, too.

Fixes: #1100
2019-06-06 13:58:26 +02:00