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use wildcard for man pages in Makefile.am 2021-12-22 07:44:27 +00:00
Michael Vetter
16df5d8255 Add makefile target for spell checking and all tests 2021-10-05 09:49:32 +02:00
Michael Vetter
Merge pull request #1375 from wstrm/feature/omemo-sendfile
Send and retrieve encrypted files when using OMEMO
2020-12-09 08:09:09 +01:00
Michael Vetter
01b90064af Install all profanity manpages
Regular profanity.1 and profanity-command.1 for each command.
2020-12-04 17:48:45 +01:00
William Wennerström
Move unique_filename_from_url functions to common 2020-12-04 16:13:13 +01:00
William Wennerström
Refactor for threaded external executable for built-in download methods 2020-12-03 16:54:06 +01:00
William Wennerström
Fix stubs and move some tests to http_common 2020-11-16 21:58:10 +01:00
William Wennerström
Add stubs 2020-11-16 21:58:10 +01:00
William Wennerström
Move common http tool code to http_common 2020-11-16 21:58:09 +01:00
William Wennerström
Refactor OMEMO download into AESGCMDownload tool 2020-11-16 21:58:09 +01:00
William Wennerström
Infer filename from content-disposition or URL
The Content-Disposition inferring is probably a bad idea security wise,
so I am going to remove it.
2020-11-16 21:58:09 +01:00
Michael Vetter
da513a924c functest: dont link against tcl
Regards https://github.com/profanity-im/profanity/issues/1354 point 3.
Since we dont use tcl and just libexpect I don't think we actually need
to link against it.
2020-10-22 16:14:48 +02:00
Michael Vetter
39315483a8 Remove /tiny command
boothj5 gave his okay too.

Fix https://github.com/profanity-im/profanity/issues/1370
2020-07-10 17:48:34 +02:00
Michael Vetter
66f9a6b721 Add clang-format file
People should run `make format` before doing a commit.
Fix https://github.com/profanity-im/profanity/issues/1396
2020-07-07 09:42:00 +02:00
Michael Vetter
87ddb8081e Tests: Add ox_announce_public_key stub 2020-07-06 15:03:13 +02:00
5a17957253 OX: Announce public key on PEP

Used to read a public key from a file. The function will return the fingerprint
of the file and the base64 encoded key.


ox_announce_public_key(const char* const filename) can be called from the /ox
announce <filename> command. The key within the file will be pushed on PEP and
the Metadata node will be set.

Issue: #1331
2020-07-06 13:19:18 +02:00
Michael Vetter
ca3972b3ca Add bookmark_ignore to unittest sources 2020-05-24 13:57:18 +02:00
Michael Vetter
d03c953d4a PoC for bookmark ignore
~/.local/share/profanity % cat bookmark_ignore

Regards https://github.com/profanity-im/profanity/issues/1115
2020-05-24 12:55:43 +02:00
Michael Vetter
062c7b1a89 db: add database unit test stub 2020-04-06 10:50:20 +02:00
Michael Vetter
8bfb175d03 Start SQLite db module
I plan to save all messages in an SQLite db.
For retrieving information it's nicer than having it in a text file.
We will have more info in there and easier to parse it.

This will also be good for later MAM

Regular text files will still be an option for users so that they can
easily grep them and do whatever they like.

Internally Profanity will only use the SQLite db.
2020-04-06 10:50:20 +02:00
Michael Vetter
9ac72980d1 xep-0084: add test stub file 2019-12-18 15:44:59 +01:00
Michael Vetter
771dfab123 Start implementing XEP-0084
So far we just subscribe and get the IDs.
2019-12-18 10:17:10 +01:00
Michael Vetter
900a0451a7 Adjust tray configure switch to also include clipboard
General GTK.
2019-10-29 15:20:57 +01:00
Michael Vetter
bad244fc95 Add color files to unittest sources 2019-08-23 14:35:21 +02:00
Aurelien Aptel
269afa53b4 Add 256 colors support
Themes can now use color names from the xterm color name list [1].

1: https://jonasjacek.github.io/colors/
2019-08-23 13:25:45 +02:00
Paul Fariello
44d16e9141 Add prof_message_t to wrap all message attributes
Probably missing copy of body to plain in carbon and privmessage.
Only covers the incoming message path because goal is OMEMO decryption
of untrusted message.
Cover some of the log functions but not all.
2019-06-20 14:30:42 +02:00
Michael Vetter
883dbe1911 Create seperate function for disconnect cleanup
Duplicate code in client_events.c and server_events.c. Let's have
events/common.c and a function containing that code.
2019-05-19 22:57:51 +02:00
Michael Vetter
d4892b29c4 Update profanity repo URL
Move from github.com/boothj5/* to github.com/profanity-im/*
2019-05-03 10:51:28 +02:00
Michael Vetter
f601e875a9 Add library versioning to libprofanity
Fixes https://github.com/boothj5/profanity/issues/973
2019-04-18 12:03:21 +02:00
Paul Fariello
daf84ced0c Add required OMEMO stub for unit-test 2019-04-10 17:23:45 +02:00
Paul Fariello
f9216fddb1 Add signal store backend and OMEMO start command 2019-04-10 16:03:50 +02:00
Paul Fariello
bce1981128 Add devicelist subscription 2019-04-10 15:37:22 +02:00
Paul Fariello
bfbc8edcad Add crypto backend for signal-protocol 2019-04-08 11:50:12 +02:00
Paul Fariello
4a5b672f95 Link against libsignal-protocol-c 2019-04-08 11:50:12 +02:00
Dmitry Podgorny
0f0659aa09 autotools: fix make dist command
Now, `make dist` can be used for generating tarballs. It simplifies
making proper release tarballs. Also, it includes some files, that
are removed in RELEASE_GUIDE.md:
 - apidocs/
 - theme_template
It is a good idea to include such a kind of documentation.

2019-03-04 18:26:28 +02:00
Dmitry Podgorny
9588fd7cc0 autotools: make VPATH builds work
Fixes #862
2018-10-31 21:48:41 +02:00
Dmitry Podgorny
e3f2ca7d10 tests: remove cflag -w and fix warnings
The flag hides errors. But we want unit tests to be correct in order
to reveal errors in the main code.

The patch removes tests_unittests_unittests_CFLAGS which makes autotools
use AM_CFLAGS instead. Therefore, unit tests are built with flags
derived from configure.ac.
2018-10-31 18:35:59 +02:00
Michael Vetter
Merge pull request #991 from paulfariello/feature/xep-0050
Add support for xep 0050 ad-hoc commands, without multi-step
2018-09-27 17:27:37 +02:00
Paul Fariello
a952776b89 Rename mucconf wins into conf wins
Configuration windows are now being used by both muc and cmd.
2018-09-05 13:51:00 +02:00
Michael Vetter
9e021d5c8f Remove p_sha1 source files
And delete from Makefile.am
2018-09-05 11:45:31 +02:00
Michael Vetter
171b6e73c9 Disable functional tests
Functional tests were commented out because of:
An issue was raised for stabber:
Once this issue is resolved functional tests should be enabled again.
2018-08-30 11:17:06 +02:00
James Booth
1242fb7f71 Include CHANGELOG and README.md in package
fixes #904
2017-02-07 23:39:42 +00:00
James Booth
01e89f41b7 Add stub_ui.h to Makefile.am 2016-10-02 00:31:38 +01:00
James Booth
d3cc5bd7ed Allow vertical positioning of all windows 2016-09-23 00:56:53 +01:00
James Booth
6d274ba846 Release 0.5.0 2016-09-15 22:53:43 +01:00
James Booth
9945246a64 Use hashtables for plugin disco features 2016-08-17 23:21:48 +01:00
James Booth
ef942bd27a Add config/files.c 2016-07-24 16:22:15 +01:00
James Booth
5bc38b6bc2 Moved window_list.c 2016-07-24 15:14:46 +01:00
James Booth
8f213f22e7 Moved tray.c 2016-07-24 15:10:58 +01:00
James Booth
90b9b48ab9 Moved roster_list.c 2016-07-24 15:08:47 +01:00