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Fixed functional tests

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James Booth 2015-11-29 00:16:00 +00:00
parent 3fbee4023e
commit cadaf73148
1 changed files with 2 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -166,8 +166,8 @@ init_prof_test(void **state)
assert_true(prof_output_exact("Input blocking set to 5 milliseconds"));
prof_input("/inpblock dynamic off");
assert_true(prof_output_exact("Dynamic input blocking disabled"));
prof_input("/notify message off");
assert_true(prof_output_exact("Message notifications disabled"));
prof_input("/notify chat off");
assert_true(prof_output_exact("Chat notifications disabled"));
prof_input("/wrap off");
assert_true(prof_output_exact("Word wrap disabled"));
prof_input("/roster hide");