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0.8.0 (2020-)
On 2012-02-02 the first commit to Profanity was done by @boothj5.
7 years later, and 5 months after 0.7.0, we are happy to announce Profanity 0.8.0.
This release has 295 commits since the last release.
10 people contributed code to it: @paulfariello, @svensp, @aaptel, @aszlig, @mdosch, @pasis, @mzagozen, @quite, @weiss and @jubalh.
If you like Profanity, please consider donating: https://profanity-im.github.io/donate.html
- XEP-0092: Include OS name in `/software` answer.
See `/os on|off`
- Add option to notify about version request via XEP-0092 and XEP-0232 via `adv.notify.discoversion`
setting in configuration file.
- Add option to display MUC name or JID in titlebar
* `/titlebar use [name|jid]`.
- Add `/roster room use` command to decide whether to display the MUC name or JID in the roster
* `/roster room use name` to use the name of the MUC in the roster list.
* `/roster room use jid` to use the jid of the MUC in the roster list.
- Fix decryption failure for messages sent from Converse.js (@paulfariello) (#1253)
- Fix crash when OMEMO key is misconfigured (@paulfariello) (#1239)
- Use OMEMO for offline MUC members (@paulfariello) (#1242)
- Fix OMEMO 1on1 chats with psi+ (@svensp) (#1247)
- Save occupants and roster chars (#1244)
- Add support for downloading user avatars via XEP-0084 (#1240)
See `/avatar`
- Add last read position marker trackbar (#1238)
- Dont print error message if a valid setting function is called (#1237)
When printing configuration we often use the same command as setting but without any argument.
So far ths displayed "Invalid usage".
- Add support for XEP-0392 consistent color generation for nicks (@aaptel and @jubalh) (#1191)
See `/color`, `/occupants color`, `/roster color`
- Call ncurses resize function before move function (#1235)
- Fix error when joining IRC via biboumi (#1230)
- Fix stanza_get_child_by_name_and_from() strcmp (#1227)
- Fix showing own messages twice in ejabberd mucs (#1223)
- Allow setting of status message (which actually never worked before) (b846c49)
`/status set online "This is my text"`
`/status set away bye`
`/status set away`
- Add option to store current line in history (irssi down arrow) (#200)
- Standardize commands (#1116):
* `/tls show on|of -> `/titlebar show|hide tls`
* `/encwarn on|off` -> `/titlebar show|hide encwarn`
* `/titlebar show|hide resource` additionally to `/resource titlebar on`
* `/titlebar show|hide presence` additionally to `/presence titlebar on`
* `/invite <contact>` -> `/invite send <contact>
* `/invites` -> `/invite list`
* `/decline` -> `/invite decline`
* `/online`, `/away`, `/dnd`, `/chat`, `/xa` -> `/status set online` etc.
* `/status` -> `/status get`
* `/chlog on` -> `/logging chat on` (#1224)
* `/grlog on` -> `/logging group on` (#1224)
* `/group` -> `/roster group` (#1229)
- Check omemo stanza names when iterating nodes (@aszlig) (#1217)
- Add clipboard feature. See `/paste` (#1216)
- Log MUC PM messages (#1214)
- Improve forest theme
- Change default text colors to default instead of white (@mdosch) (#1213) (#535)
- Fix date display in chat history (#992)
- Log incoming MUC messages if origin-id sais they dont come from us (#1201)
- Support XEP-0359: Unique and Stable Stanza IDs (#1207)
To help us identify which MUC messages were sent by us.
- Fix double _XOPEN_SOURCE definition (@pasis) (#1206)
- Highlight unread messages with a different color in /wins (#895)
New theming option `cmd.wins.unread`
- Improve MUC 1:1 logging (#1184)
- Fix user messages double logged in MUC logs (#1201)
- Fix 26 causes for memory leaks
- Add `/clear` autocompletion and improve help (#855)
- Allow multiple instances to write to account config via `/reaload`
command that reloads the config file (#627)
- Log message carbons to log file (#1181)
- Include PYTHON_EXTRA_LIBS in libtool config (@mzagozen) (#1200)
- Document how to block users in MUCS (#618)
- Keyboard switch to select the next window with unread messages (#1114)
(alt + a)
- Keyboard switches (for moving to 20 windows instead of 10 (#1114)
(alt + 1234567890qwertyuio)
- Detect MUC history detection with older Prosody versions (#1190)
See https://issues.prosody.im/1416
- `statusbar.current` is a new theming option for currently selected tab (@quite) (#1195)
- Code cleanup
- Make /info more user friendly (#1194)
- Add solarized theme (#1175, #1198, #1199) (@mdosch)
- Set nonblocking mode for stderr (@pasis) (#1192)
- Log alleged roster push (6cf06dc)
- Allow colorization of history messages (#1170)
See `main.text.history` theming option
- Fix crash if source jid doesn't contain the node part (@pasis) (#1153)
- Add support for 256 colors (@aaptel and @jubalh) (#1177 and many commits)
We use the Xterm color names. See https://jonasjacek.github.io/colors
- Don't render (all) delayed messages as MUC history (@weiss) (#1173)
- Add possibility to specify alternative config file (10ca3e)
Use `profanity -c ~/path/to/other/config`
- Don't print subscribed message if contact is already in roster (#1166)
- Only save preferences when new `/save` command is issued (#1146)
0.7.1 (2019-09-24)