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Add gruvbox to CHANGELOG

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@ -5,12 +5,13 @@ On 2012-02-02 the first commit to Profanity was done by @boothj5.
7 years later, and 5 months after 0.7.0, we are happy to announce Profanity 0.8.0.
This release has 295 commits since the last release.
10 people contributed code to it: @paulfariello, @svensp, @aaptel, @aszlig, @mdosch, @pasis, @mzagozen, @quite, @weiss and @jubalh.
11 people contributed code to it: @paulfariello, @svensp, @aaptel, @aszlig, @mdosch, @pasis, @mzagozen, @quite, @weiss, @Misaflo and @jubalh.
If you like Profanity, please consider donating: https://profanity-im.github.io/donate.html
- Add gruvbox theme (@Misaflo) (#1259)
- XEP-0092: Include OS name in `/software` answer.
See `/os on|off`
- Add option to notify about version request via XEP-0092 and XEP-0232 via `adv.notify.discoversion`