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0.9.0 (2020-06-xx)
Four months and 347 commits after 0.8.1 we are happy to release 0.9.0.
7 people contributed code to it: @pasis, @wstrm, @DebXWoody, @toogley, @pmaziere, @moppman and @jubalh.
Thanks a lot to our sponsors: @mdosch and @wstrm!!
If you want to support us too: https://profanity-im.github.io/donate.html
This release depends on libstrophe >= 0.9.3, sqlite >= 3.22.0 and glib >= 2.56.0.
- Support for XEP-0308: Last Message Correction (#805)
See `/correction` and `/correct`.
- Code cleanup of UI and Message functions
- Always send delivery receipts if they are enabled (#1268)
- By default don't allow sending unencrypted files in an encrypted chat session (#1270) (@moppman and @jubalh)
See `/omemo|otr|pgp sendfile`.
- Add CI for OpenBSD via sr.ht (@wstrm)
- OMEMO: switch to 12 byte IV for sending (#1272)
- Allow UTF-8 symbols as OMEMO/OTR/PGP indicator char (#1264)
- Make color of the trackbar configurable
Use `main.trackbar` in themes.
- Allow setting custom log file
`profanity -f TEST` will log to `~/.local/share/profanity/logs/TEST.log`.
- Send proper OS names for OpenBSD and NetBSD if `/os` is enabled
- Fix plenty memory leaks (@pasis and @jubalh)
- XEP-0084: Add option to open avatars directly (#1281)
`/avatar odin@valhalla.org` became `/avatar get odin@valhalla.org`
New is:
`/avatar cmd feh`
`/avatar open odin@valhalla.org`
xdg-open is used by default. So it will take your default application.
- Enable popular featues by default.
For a nicer out of the box experience we enable:
* allow message correction
* sending receipts
* enabling carbons
* type/chat states
- Add slashguard feature to prevent sending commands with typos
Should protect against `q/uit` or ` /quit`.
See `/slashguard`.
- Optionally display both MUC name and MUC JID in titlebar (#1284)
`/titlebar use name|jid` -> `/titlebar show|hide name|jid`.
- Add option to define a theme at startup (#1286)
`/profanity -t bios`
- Add setting to not colorize own nick if XEP-0392 is enabled (#1288)
`/color own on|off`.
- Add new theme: jubalian
- Fix docker related CI tests (#1294)
- Fix OMEMO autocompletion (75a43f, df23c3)
- Modify our README
- Store logs in SQLite backend (#1282)
- Request OMEMO device list only for non anon MUCs (#1315) (@DebXWoody)
- Remove unanimous MUC display and colour messages like regular ones (#1261)
- Fix autocompletion for `/software` in regular chat windows (#1337)
- XEP-0092: Make it possible to ask servers for their version (#1338)
- Add possibility to easily open URLs (#1340, #1348)
`/executable urlopen firefox`
`/urlopen <tab>`
- Display hint when window is scrolled (#1289)
Theme via `titlebar.scrolled`
- Add option to hide windows with no new messages in statusbar (#1285)
`/statusbar show|hide read`
- Support bookmark names (#697)
- Preserve Gajims minimze flag in bookmarks (#1326)
- Don't show resource in titelbar in narrow windows if it is too long (#715)
- Improve autoping (#1333, #1315) (@DebXWoody)
- Fix titlebar status display when using PGP (#1327) (@DebXWoody)
- OMEMO: Only request "current" item (#1329) (@DebXWoody)
- Add feature to ignore the autojoin flag for bookmarks (#1115)
Helps users who want to autojoin MUCs with most clients but not with all.
`/bookmark ignore`
- Fix edge case where contacts get displayed as offline when they are online (3d7a31)
- Add option for legacy authentication (#1236) (@pasis)
`/connect <account> [auth default|legacy]`
`/account <account> set auth default|legacy`
- All issues: https://github.com/profanity-im/profanity/milestone/19
0.8.1 (2020-02-07)