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(ok, this file is out of date, there is no gtk version currently)


Irssi is an IRC client made with GTK+ toolkit and (optional) GNOME
libraries. A small text mode version is also somewhat working, there's
also a really simple daemon version which just loads "bot" plugin. I'd
also like to see KDE version.


docs/manual.txt - new manual

See docs/commands.txt file for list of (almost) all commands irssi knows.
See docs/perl.txt for some documentation of Perl scripting.

I've been asked quite a lot about why should one use irssi, what does it do
that other IRC clients don't? Well, to tell you the truth, I have no idea :)
Still I've got a lot of mails saying it's the best GUI IRC client they've
ever used :) Let's see.. It should be easy to use, it has most of the
features IRC client needs and it's pretty stable. Here's a small list of what
it does:

 - You can connect to multiple servers. Irssi is also IRC network aware so
   you can specify some settings to work only in specified IRC networks.
 - Automatically connect to IRC server(s) at startup, automatically join to
   channels when connected.
 - All code is nonblocking, it won't hang while connecting to server or
   opening DCC connection. Host lookups are done in separate processes.
 - DCC send, receive and chat with GUI
 - GNOME panel support, channels and queries are displayed in GNOME panel
   where you can easily see which channels have been updated (label turns to
   red) and click in them to open the channel.
 - Doubleclicking URL in text widget launches specified web/ftp/email client,
   also doubleclicking channel/nick join to channel or creates query.
 - Aliases, ignores, autoignoring when flooding, notify lists, completing
   specified words with tab (like home<tab> -> http://my.home.page),
   hilighting lines with specified texts
 - Smart nick completion
 - Configurable logging support
 - Plugins support, creating plugins is really easy.
 - Extremely flexible Perl scripting support.
 - Lots of nice GUI stuff :)



Start irssi-text in screen,
connect to some irc server
/load proxy <password> [ip address to listen [port to listen]]

Finished, default port to listen in is 2777 and default ip is the ip
where your irc server is connected. Now just connect your clients to
the proxy. There's not much features yet, if you want to use multiple
servers you'll need to start multiple irssi-texts now..


See TODO file if it is already listed in there - if not send me email..


Timo Sirainen, tss@iki.fi, cras/ircnet, efnet, opn/#irssi, http://irssi.org