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enum {
#define has_node_value(a) \
((a)->type == NODE_TYPE_KEY || (a)->type == NODE_TYPE_VALUE)
#define is_node_list(a) \
((a)->type == NODE_TYPE_BLOCK || (a)->type == NODE_TYPE_LIST)
typedef struct _CONFIG_NODE CONFIG_NODE;
typedef struct _CONFIG_REC CONFIG_REC;
struct _CONFIG_NODE {
int type;
char *key;
void *value;
/* a = { x=y; y=z; }
node1: type = NODE_TYPE_BLOCK, key = "a", value = (GSList *) nodes
nodes: (node2, node3)
node2: type = NODE_TYPE_KEY, key = "x", value = (char *) "y"
node3: type = NODE_TYPE_KEY, key = "y", value = (char *) "z"
b = ( a, { b=c; d=e; } )
node1: type = NODE_TYPE_LIST, key = "b", value = (GSList *) nodes
nodes: (node2, node3)
node2: type = NODE_TYPE_VALUE, key = NULL, value = (char *) "a"
node4: type = NODE_TYPE_BLOCK, key = NULL, value = (GSList *) nodes2
nodes2: (node4, node5)
node4: type = NODE_TYPE_KEY, key = "b", value = (char *) "c"
node5: type = NODE_TYPE_KEY, key = "d", value = (char *) "e"
Comments node has key=NULL and value is the comment line. Empty lines are
also in comments so they won't be forgotten when the config file is
struct _CONFIG_REC {
char *fname;
int create_mode;
int modifycounter; /* increase every time something is changed */
char *last_error;
CONFIG_NODE *mainnode;
GHashTable *cache; /* path -> node (for querying) */
GHashTable *cache_nodes; /* node -> path (for removing) */
GScanner *scanner;
/* while writing to configuration file.. */
GIOChannel *handle;
int tmp_indent_level; /* indentation position */
int tmp_last_lf; /* last character was a line feed */
int list_of_lists : 1; /* list of lists allowed */
/* Open configuration. The file is created if it doesn't exist, unless
`create_mode' is -1. `fname' can be NULL if you just want to use
config_parse_data() */
CONFIG_REC *config_open(const char *fname, int create_mode);
/* Release all memory used by configuration */
void config_close(CONFIG_REC *rec);
/* Change file name of config file */
void config_change_file_name(CONFIG_REC *rec, const char *fname, int create_mode);
/* Parse configuration file */
int config_parse(CONFIG_REC *rec);
/* Parse configuration found from `data'. `input_name' specifies the
"configuration name" which is displayed in error messages. */
int config_parse_data(CONFIG_REC *rec, const char *data, const char *input_name);
/* Write configuration file. Write to `fname' if it's not NULL.
If `create_mode' is -1, use the one that was given to config_open(). */
int config_write(CONFIG_REC *rec, const char *fname, int create_mode);
#define config_last_error(rec) \
/* Getting values
`section' is something like "maingroup/key/subkey", or with lists
`def' is returned if the value is not found. */
char *config_get_str(CONFIG_REC *rec, const char *section, const char *key, const char *def);
int config_get_int(CONFIG_REC *rec, const char *section, const char *key, int def);
int config_get_bool(CONFIG_REC *rec, const char *section, const char *key, int def);
/* Returns n'th node from list. */
CONFIG_NODE *config_node_nth(CONFIG_NODE *node, int index);
/* Returns index for given key */
int config_node_index(CONFIG_NODE *parent, const char *key);
/* Returns the first non-comment node in list */
GSList *config_node_first(GSList *list);
/* Returns the next non-comment node in list */
GSList *config_node_next(GSList *list);
/* Setting values */
int config_set_str(CONFIG_REC *rec, const char *section, const char *key, const char *value);
int config_set_int(CONFIG_REC *rec, const char *section, const char *key, int value);
int config_set_bool(CONFIG_REC *rec, const char *section, const char *key, int value);
/* Handling the configuration directly with nodes -
useful when you need to read all values in a block/list. */
CONFIG_NODE *config_node_find(CONFIG_NODE *node, const char *key);
/* Find the section from node - if not found create it unless new_type is -1.
You can also specify in new_type if it's NODE_TYPE_LIST or NODE_TYPE_BLOCK */
CONFIG_NODE *config_node_section(CONFIG_REC *rec, CONFIG_NODE *parent, const char *key, int new_type);
CONFIG_NODE *config_node_section_index(CONFIG_REC *rec, CONFIG_NODE *parent, const char *key,
int index, int new_type);
/* Find the section with the whole path.
Create the path if necessary if `create' is TRUE. */
CONFIG_NODE *config_node_traverse(CONFIG_REC *rec, const char *section, int create);
/* Return all values from the list `node' in a g_strsplit() array */
char **config_node_get_list(CONFIG_NODE *node);
/* Add all values in `array' to `node' */
void config_node_add_list(CONFIG_REC *rec, CONFIG_NODE *node, char **array);
char *config_node_get_str(CONFIG_NODE *parent, const char *key, const char *def);
int config_node_get_int(CONFIG_NODE *parent, const char *key, int def);
int config_node_get_bool(CONFIG_NODE *parent, const char *key, int def);
* key != NULL && value == NULL
* remove node with key 'key', equivalent to
* config_node_remove(rec, parent, config_node_find(parent, key))
* key == NULL && value != NULL
* create a new node with type NODE_TYPE_VALUE and value 'value'
* key != NULL && value != NULL
* if a node with key 'key' exists change its value to 'value',
* otherwise create a new node with type NODE_TYPE_KEY, key 'key' and value 'value'
* */
void config_node_set_str(CONFIG_REC *rec, CONFIG_NODE *parent, const char *key, const char *value);
void config_node_set_int(CONFIG_REC *rec, CONFIG_NODE *parent, const char *key, int value);
void config_node_set_bool(CONFIG_REC *rec, CONFIG_NODE *parent, const char *key, int value);
/* Remove one node from block/list. */
void config_node_remove(CONFIG_REC *rec, CONFIG_NODE *parent, CONFIG_NODE *node);
/* Remove n'th node from a list */
void config_node_list_remove(CONFIG_REC *rec, CONFIG_NODE *node, int index);
/* Clear all data inside node, but leave the node */
void config_node_clear(CONFIG_REC *rec, CONFIG_NODE *node);
/* Clear the entire configuration */
void config_nodes_remove_all(CONFIG_REC *rec);